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Whether your concerns are Child Custody, Divorce, Child Support, or Equitable Distribution, the Charlotte, NC family law attorneys at Dummit Fradin understand and look forward to representing your needs in the court room.  We handle cases like this on a regular basis, and we’re proud of our results, as evidenced by the testimonials our clients continually offer.  Know your rights.  Protect your rights.

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Child Custody

What you need to Know!

When it comes to determining child custody, there are so many factors to consider and decisions to be made. READ MORE…


Attorneys You Can Trust

In order to receive an absolute divorce in North Carolina, a married couple must have been separated for one full year. Read More…

Equitable Distruibution

Charlotte NC Attorneys

Equitable distribution refers to the division and distribution of marital property in a divorce proceeding by a court… Read More…

Child Support

Get the Support Your Child Deserves!

In North Carolina, both parents have a duty to support his or her children. Read More…